SALT SOAP - e200g
Free from potassium, fluoride, chemicals, anti-caking agents.
Directions for use!
Directions for use:
Moisten the salt soap after bath or shower, rub your entire body. Let it dry! The burning sensation will pass in 2-5 minutes. The salt which crystallizes on the skin let dry, then wipe it with your hand, or with a towel. If the skin stretches, not immediately brush with oil, wait about 20 minutes to start producing sebum. Do not use cream, only oil, but it only if absolutely necessary! Therefore, the salt soap works as a moisturizer. Use daily for face care and for the entire body care. The use of salt soap may cause a worsening of pimples, inflammation etc. Do not worry, let the skin to regenerate. In case of skin diseases (eczema, allergies, fungus etc) do not rub the direct skin with salt soap because it can be damaged. Spread salt on damp skin with hands.
Transylvanian Natural Grey Salt Soap is a piece of crystallized salt, polished to a form of soap named because of their shape. It is 100% of pure crystallized salt, and does not contain any chemical additives. In general, the soap can be used on wet skin, or can be used as wet soap on dry skin. In both cases the salt should remain on the skin until dry, we are not allowed to wash our soaped skin! After use keep in a dry place. A salt soap lasts for about 5 months
Benefits: Optimize the pH of the skin, inflammation, activates metabolism, blood circulation and magically rejuneveting the skin. It is used for for the dry and greasy skin, acne, various skin diseases (eczema, allergies, fungus), after shave and hand care. At pinches caused by insects brush with moist soap the skin, and the damaged skin will become calm. It is particularly suitable for treating herpes. Because antibacterial effect, we can avoid using other deodorants. Soothes skin, ceases redness. Using permanently can cure folliculitis.

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